The training programme for the exploitation of research results aims to support FET researchers in understanding the innovation and value creation opportunities connected to their research and to make early in the process the right decision regarding commercialization and related IP strategies.

The exploitation training comprehends different modules that can be booked individually by FET researchers:

  1. Identifying Business Opportunities through a Lean approach
  2. Innovation and IP strategy: or how to early figure out the available commercialization opportunities and develop the right IP strategy for your technology
  3. Operational technology transfer and Collaboration with industry

Researchers from FET projects can take part to one or all modules offered on specific date by the BRIEFING consortium.

In addition, we offer the opportunity to FET projects to book one or all modules on-demand for their consortium.


By taking part to this training programme FET researchers will:

  • Understand how to create value out of their research results
  • Get know market validation strategy and understand how to apply them
  • Go through the customer development process and identify the right customer segment for a technology
  • Experience first-hand how to validate assumptions and identify exploitation opportunities
  • Develop an understanding for the technology transfer process and related commercialization opportunities
  • Evaluate in an early stage possible IP strategies for their technologies
  • Understand how to approach and cooperation with industry stakeholders

Content and program

PROGRAMM: Identifying Business Opportunities through a lean approach

This workshop helps FET researchers to understand how to create value from research. It consists of a number of short theoretical lectures on value creation and problem identification methodologies inspired by the lean startup methodology. The trainer will help the researchers apply these concepts to their specific project within hands-on session.  The workshop shall serve to identify a number of possible applications of a specific research and to formulate assumptions that should be validated in the market. After the workshop, the BRIEFING coaches are at disposal of all attendees to keep on discussing the application opportunities identified and the best way to validate them.

Day 1

The Lean Startup method​

  • Introduction into the Lean Startup method
  • Different way to develop a business idea: Technology push vs. Market Pull
  • The Build-Measure-Learn Loop
  • The Customer Development Process
  • Experiments to test the customer problem
  • Customer Discovery
  • Value proposition
  • Experiment to test your solutions
  • Developing a Minimum viable product

Day 2

Venture Development

  • Fundamentals of business planning
  • Checklists and most important considerations for venture development projects: from the idea to the concept to the plan
  • Presentation of the investor’s view of business concepts

Pitch Training

  • How to present your research results in a compelling way for business actors

Date, location, topic

  • Date: 2-3 Dec 2019
  • Location: Stuttgart, Germany
  • Topic: Identifying Business Opportunity through the Lean Startup Method

PROGRAMM: Innovation and IP strategy

This module offers FET researchers an introduction to the concept of Intellectual property and give guidance to reflect in an early stage on how to develop an effective innovation and IP strategy for a technology. In an interactive session, researchers will have the chance to discuss and experience concrete scenarios for IP management.

Morning session

Introduction to the basic concepts of Intellectual Property (IP)

  • What is IP?
  • Choosing the right IP Asset (mechanism) to protect your innovation
  • Which criteria have to be met to gain protection for various IP Asset Types?
  • Patents as means to protect technological innovation
  • Understanding the patenting process – from invention to internationalization
  • Interactive workshop session on a particular patent infringement case (participants from two work groups – plaintiff and defendant – ending in a court mockup session)
  • Touching on national differences in jurisdictions of some key markets

Afternoon session

  • IP Strategy as an integral part of Corporate Strategy
  • How to integrate innovation strategy and IP strategy?
  • Which IP strategy fits your business model?
  • An example of how to protect value extraction points of your business model
  • A value based approach for developing an IP Portfolio
  • Interactive workshop session on a realistic startup scenario
  • Managing IP in Open Innovation

Date, location, topic

  • Date: 4 Feb 2020
  • Location: Stuttgart, Germany
  • Topic: Technology Transfer, Innovation and IP strategy

PROGRAMM: Operational Technology Transfer and Collaboration with industry

The workshop will help FET researchers explore possible application scenarios for their technology and to understand how to set up collaboration with industry that might lead to the commercialization of their research results. In an interactive format, participants will learn tp:

  • Identify scenarios for possible applications of a given technology
  • Perform a technology roadmapping to understand when future applications will become possible
  • Understand how to approach industry stakeholders and establish cooperation partnership with corporate

1. Finding possible applications and markets

  • Trends – and how my technology fit to them
  • Database supported detection of possible application fields
  • Interactive workshop: Further considerations for choosing markets and presenting technologies

2. Qualification of corporates for innovation partnership via public data

  • Time for business discussions – but is it worth the time? How can you prequalify corporates with openly available data

3. Building a roadmap for operational technology transfer – from addressing corporates to contracting

  • Interactive workshop session to understand corporate partners better and address them the right way – an get your technology on the road.

Date and registration for this module will be announced soon.


Some modules of the training programme for the exploitation of research results can be booked on demand by FET projects that would like the entire consortium to benefit from the training. An expert of BRIEFING will arrange a dedicated session tailoring the content on the specific demand of the FET consortium. The training will be delivered jointly to a partner meeting or other events organized by the requesting FET consortium according to the availability of the training.


All BRIEFING services are dedicated to FET researchers and consortium members and are free of charge.

Travel, accommodation and subsistence costs can be reported as project cost for running FET projects.

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