A workshop to be conducted in the early stages of the project: it serves to reflect and guide the project team in the main steps to be taken. The workshop will allow identifying and analyzing, both from the researcher’s and from the project’ point of view, the priority aspects on which it is necessary to focus in order to develop their project and the resources and skills necessary for a conscious development. The participants will be guided in correctly prioritizing the actions to be pursued within their path, developing a roadmap in which they will be assisted in not committing the major obstacles that are encountered in the FET world. In fact, the last part of the workshops returns an overview of the FET study that highlights the main challenges usually faced by these projects.


Orient and support participants in:

– a clear opportunities overview;

– a selection of the priorities;

– a better project management;

– an optimized management of resources (both financial and of people);

– an understanding of the most important activities to be developed;

– a schedule and activities to do;

– a risk management: an understanding of the most common obstacles in FET projects, in which not to stumble upon.

Content and program

  1. Warm-up;
  2. The point of view of the researcher: expectations and concerns;
  3. Where you are: technology, market, target and IPR assessment;
  4. Where you want to go: technology, market, target and IPR prevision;
  5. Prioritize activities: effort / impact matrix and selection of the most important;
  6. What you have vs what you need to reach the objectives;
  7. The conscious roadmap: plan time / activities / expected results;
  8. Allert: common obstacles in FET to be avoided


All BRIEFING services are dedicated to FET researchers and consortium members and are free of charge.

Travel, accommodation and subsistence costs can be reported as project cost for running FET projects.


You can book the “Innovation Opportunity Workshop” on-demand for your entire consortium. Alternative, you can also book this workshop as an additional slot in conjunction to other training offered by BRIEFING (as for instance the training programme for exploitation of research results). Contact us if you want more information info@fetbriefing.eu

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