This module offers FET researchers an introduction to the concept of Intellectual property and give guidance to reflect in an early stage on how to develop an effective innovation and IP strategy for a technology. In an interactive session, researchers will have the chance to discuss and experience concrete scenarios for IP management.

Morning session

Introduction to the basic concepts of Intellectual Property (IP)

  • What is IP?
  • Choosing the right IP Asset (mechanism) to protect your innovation
  • Which criteria have to be met to gain protection for various IP Asset Types?
  • Patents as means to protect technological innovation
  • Understanding the patenting process – from invention to internationalization
  • Interactive workshop session on a particular patent infringement case (participants from two work groups – plaintiff and defendant – ending in a court mockup session)
  • Touching on national differences in jurisdictions of some key markets

Afternoon session

  • IP Strategy as an integral part of Corporate Strategy
  • How to integrate innovation strategy and IP strategy?
  • Which IP strategy fits your business model?
  • An example of how to protect value extraction points of your business model
  • A value based approach for developing an IP Portfolio
  • Interactive workshop session on a realistic startup scenario
  • Managing IP in Open Innovation

Date, location, topic

  • Date: 4 Feb 2020
  • Location: Stuttgart, Germany
  • Topic: Technology Transfer, Innovation and IP strategy