IN FOCUS: Digital technologies for societal challenges

Many FET projects are focusing on digital technologies supporting research and innovation that can best deliver new business breakthroughs, often on the basis of emerging technologies. Digital technologies help tackle many of Europe’s societal challenges:


  • Enterprise level services and solutions for SMEs – e.g.: availability high performance computing, developer platforms, big data solutions and so on

  • Smart solutions for cities, transportation, public services

  • Secure internet and enhanced telecommunication, energy saving

  • Inclusion, independent living for elderly, better healthcare

FET BRIEFING invites specifically those FET projects which tackle the challenges described above. During the event the project will have the opportunity to introduce their research and gain feedback. It is also an effective way to build fruitful cooperation with the industry to convert your research results into societal benefit, which improve the life quality of European citizens. This is the best way for your research results to make a major impact.

Please, register and we will contact you to help preparation in order to maximize the results.


Based on the assessment done with numerous FET research projects, ‘Meeting the industry’ and ‘Communicating results to external stakeholders’ are among the TOP 5 needs of FET Research projects. FET Briefing is organizing an online meeting with industry stakeholders on the topic of Digital technologies for societal challenges.

By meeting with industry practitioners of your domain you can score several important goals:

  • Ensure market validation for your FET projects objective

  • Collect feedback on exploitation directions

  • Practice and finetune the presentation of your research results in front of an audience consisting of the BRIEFING innovation ecosystem (industry partners, innovation managers, mentors etc.).


If you would like to introduce your research results to the market, but you are still reluctant to pitch in front of investors, as you feel that your project is still in an initial phase with a low Technology Readiness Level, this is the platform for your project.

Online project/research presentations offer you a safe space to introduce your research topic and build initial contact with and receive first feedback from the industry players. This will support you to deliver on dissemination and exploitation tasks and will create opportunities to generate follow-up projects. 

Following your debut and received feedback, FET Briefing coaches help to move the exploitation initiative further on one-on-one basis.

Content and program

Innomine as a BRIEFING consortium partners leads the online sessions. 


1. General (Innomine)  <10.00–10.05>

Why are we here?
Who are present in the call? 
How will we proceed?

2. FET Briefing intro (Innomine) <10.05–10.15>

Who are we? (FET Briefing project intro)
What can we do for you?

3. Short presentation of the projects <10.15–11.00, max 8 minutes/project>

Online project presentation: 3-5 FET projects will have the opportunity to deliver a 5-10 min speech and industry stakeholders will have the opportunity to ask questions, provide feedback for the projects.

4. Introduction of the industry <11.00–11.15>

Industry partners will present their research needs; they will talk about their expectations about basic research in general, and how FET research results can boost their performance in the future. The audience will be the FET community

5. Q&A and open discussion <11.15–11.45>

6. Recap (Innomine) <3 min>

Presentations will be available online after the seminar.

Date and location

  • Date: October 22, 2020
  • Location: Online
  • Further info TBA.

Enable us to work out the best customized way to the effective presentation by ansvering our short assessment questions…


All BRIEFING services are dedicated to FET researchers and consortium members and are free of charge.

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