BRIEFING Marketplace platform: A walk to market with help along the way

Many researchers are more at home in the lab or in the engineering workshop than at the chamber of commerce or a trade fair – especially when the technology they’re working on is cutting edge and high-risk. After all, the business community don’t have the same mindset, nor do they quite speak the same language. But whatever is designed, developed and fine-tuned in a lab must one day go to market. Otherwise what’s the point? A great invention or innovation sitting in a lab is of no use to anyone.

Business and industry have countless challenges to deal with, and your pioneering project may just be the key to tackling to one of these. But how do you know? And more generally, how do we bridge the gap between the research and business communities?

The FET BRIEFING project sits astride these two worlds. It can help you look at where you are with your tech, and it walks you to market. In fact, the market is just down the road, your road, because BRIEFING has set up an online marketplace with a number of services attached – free of charge for FET projects. There you’ll be able to connect with the right people and send out the right messages. It’s a place where business people looking for novel solutions can “check your tech”.

But you don’t come to the BRIEFING marketplace simply to tell and sell. The platform offers you a set of tailored services before you reach out beyond your lab. As a FET project, you can receive training and tutorials in areas such as IP strategies, business communication and technology transfer. The platform features videos, presentations, webinars and workshops.

Now, that’s quite a lot of stuff to contemplate before you even get to the matchmaking service where you’re introduced to potential partners. Therefore, the BRIEFING marketplace provides an assessment process, which includes an innovation opportunity workshop, to help you pinpoint your needs and navigate the services suitable for your project. We use an agile, user-centred approach to look at your concerns and expectations, at your tech and targets and all the other variables linked to your research project. The result is a customised service roadmap for bringing your tech to the marketplace with a value proposition.

Armed with this roadmap, you can access the BRIEFING marketplace services and resources in order to approach the market with confidence. We can set you up with potential partners during matchmaking events so that you can start the conversation and move forwards.

Why not participate in the Future Tech Week from 21 to 25 September this year? Organised by the European Innovation Council Pathfinder, the week will offer insights into the tech sphere and the opportunity to feature your own project. It could be your chance to join the BRIEFING marketplace and benefit from expert advice, training and new business opportunities.