All services are for free for FET projects. Travel, accommodation and subsistence costs can be reported as project cost for running FET projects.

Innovation and IP Strategy

Webinar “IP Strategies – focus on shared IP in joint research projects” The Webinar provides an introduction to the most commonly used IP protection mechanisms and how to use Intellectual Property in a strategic context. In particular, the IP Management approach within the Horizon 2020 framework is discussed as an example for IP in joint…
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FET/EIC Pathfinder BRiefing mentors will assist you in your FET/EIC Pathfinder researcher journey in business development, research result exploitation, time management and other business related topic. Find the mentor who is the best for you!
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Our free access recorded webinars cover the topics of patent protection, intellectual property (IPR) issues and management and introduce start-ups in life sciences. Check them out here.
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