On May 28 we organized our second Peer-to-Peer Experience Sharing Online Workshop, where FET/EIC Pathfinder researchers had the chance to meet and share their ideas. During the workshop researchers had the opportunity to showcase their results, share best practices and discuss such issues which are of interest to all of them. The participating projects were:

• Qpark, https://www.ubiwhere.com/en/qpark
• Bio4Comp, https://bio4comp.org/
• gammaCam and Supertwin: http://www.supertwin.eu/
• POTION: https://potionh2020.com

The main topic of the workshop was exploitation of research results and IPR issues. The presentations were followed by a Q&A session while participants discussed such topics as the ethical issues of applied research and the controversy between the need of publication versus exploitation activities. Various technology readiness levels also mean different exploitation challenges for FET/EIC Pathfinder projects. The question of patenting also resulted in a fruitful debate.

The video recording of the event and the presentations are available in our Marketplace. Please log in or register here to access them among other valuable training materials. >> Marketplace.

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