This workshop helps FET researchers to understand how to create value from research. It consists of a number of short theoretical lectures on value creation and problem identification methodologies inspired by the lean startup methodology. The trainer will help the researchers apply these concepts to their specific project within hands-on session.  The workshop shall serve to identify a number of possible applications of a specific research and to formulate assumptions that should be validated in the market. After the workshop, the BRIEFING coaches are at disposal of all attendees to keep on discussing the application opportunities identified and the best way to validate them.

Day 1

The Lean Startup method​

  • Introduction into the Lean Startup method
  • Different way to develop a business idea: Technology push vs. Market Pull
  • The Build-Measure-Learn Loop
  • The Customer Development Process
  • Experiments to test the customer problem
  • Customer Discovery
  • Value proposition
  • Experiment to test your solutions
  • Developing a Minimum viable product

Day 2

Venture Development

  • Fundamentals of business planning
  • Checklists and most important considerations for venture development projects: from the idea to the concept to the plan
  • Presentation of the investor’s view of business concepts

Pitch Training

  • How to present your research results in a compelling way for business actors

Need some tailored advice? Take part also to the Innovation opportunity workshop!

FET Researchers and Consortia that need support in identifying opportunities connected to their project in order to define their exploitation plan, can also join our “innovation opportunity workshop” as additional activity in the same days of this training.
The workshop takes 2 hours and thanks to a practice-based approach helps researchers in:

  • Define the overall exploitation scenario
  • Plan and prioritize activities
  • Optimize resources

If you want to book the Innovation Opportunity Workshop in connection to this training, simply indicate this in the registration form (under section “Motivation to attend”) giving your preferences in terms of time schedule. 

Date, location, topic

  • Date: 23-24 Jan 2020
  • Location: Stuttgart, Germany
  • Topic: Identifying Business Opportunity through the Lean Startup Method