Research Meets Industry: 14 exciting future technologies in the energy and environment field introduced to industry on the 4th March

Research Meets Industry: 14 exciting future technologies in the energy and environment field introduced to industry on the 4th March

Somewhere in a lab an innovation might be lurking, one that could be the perfect solution to industry’s challenges. The question is: how can researchers explore the innovation potential of their research? How do we unit the world of science and innovation and the world of business, even if they speak different languages?

The FET Briefing project creates a bridge in between these two worlds, with its online marketplace, tailored services, and dedicated events free of charge for FET / EICPathfinder projects.

On 4 March, FET Briefing organised a matchmaking event – Research Meets Industry – for the energy and environment sectors. It offered the opportunity for EIC Pathfinder projects to explore the innovation potential of their research and it helped businesses find scientific support.

Why such an event? Companies might not easily give a chance to projects that are quite innovative but still in the early, pre-market stages. This event essentially gives such businesses the possibility to set up contacts for strategic cooperation and to have first-hand insight on the novel research trends. At the same time the projects have the chance to explore the innovation potential of the presented research, future market opportunities, to understand the end user’s point of view and how to face other aspects that are not addressed in research labs.

The Research Meets Industry event consisted of two parts. The morning session was dedicated to the projects in the energy storage and conversion field and the afternoon session was focused on solar fuel and energy harvesting projects. Fourteen projects presented their innovation to the industry players and each of them had a chance to interact with the EC representatives and business stakeholders.

The event was organized with the support of the European Innovation Council (EIC) Programme Managers. On 18-19 March, the new EIC will be officially launched under Horizon EU programme with the mission to identify, develop and scale-up breakthrough technologies and innovations.

During the Research Meets Industry event, two EIC programme managers were presented. They represent a new role within the European Innovation Council and are appointed for the area dedicated to materials for energy and environmental sustainability. Francesco Matteucci is an expert in materials for energy and environmental sustainability and innovation management. Antonio Marco Pantaleo specialises in in renewable clean energy technologies, energy systems integration, bio systems engineering, energy use in agriculture and food processing. Both are responsible for developing visions for technological and innovation breakthroughs and managing the portfolios of EIC projects.

The programme managers underlined the importance of constant knowledge sharing and networking within the EIC. They stated that it is also fundamental to connect with other researchers, cross fertilizing new ideas between projects and exploring different approaches to common challenges. From the stakeholders’ side, it is essential to have a short-term and a long-term vision towards innovation, meaning that it is also important to consider collaborating with new projects that have not reached the market yet. 

The event laid the ground for potential matchmaking. After Prof. Philippe Potty of the MAGENTA project presented the project’s work about a magnetic nanoparticle based liquid energy materials for waste-heat recovery applications, a French energy company expressed its interest. Also the presentation of Dr. Ana L. Cudero of AMAPOLA project on aluminium-sulfur based battery technology raised interest. In this case, programme managers offered their support in introducing them to the real industry players.

The Research Meets Industry event has been a huge success with over 70 participants in both sessions, bringing together the scientific/research levels with the supply chain/end users. The third session is set for 21 April and it will focus on material and technologies for energy and the environment.

The matchmaking continues within the FET Briefing online marketplace with free of charge services for projects and researchers where it is possible for them to connect with business people looking for innovations and solutions.