Research and innovation are at the core of economy. The European Commission supports and funds a wide range of FET research projects to enable European researchers to reach world class innovations.

Our mission is to bridge the FET innovation gap by capitalizing the innovation efforts of our economy by bringing together business stakeholders and scientific researchers for first introductions with the potential of future collaboration.

For FET Researchers

We help your exploitation efforts by offering the opportunity to display your research results to the BRIEFING innovation ecosystem (industry partners, innovation managers, mentors etc.) and connect for future collaboration.

By meeting with industry practitioners within your field you will:

  • Ensure market validation for your FET projects objective
  • Collect feedback on exploitation directions
  • Deliver on dissemination and exploitation tasks and create opportunities to generate follow-up projects.


After a short assessment, our FET Briefing team –trainers and mentors – help you in preparing and finetuning of your presentation, understanding your audience and communicating efficiently with partners. We are also here to gain feedback, moderate conversation and help with the follow-up.

We either arrange individual networking meetings with industry partners, or you may participate at online  networking events together with fellow researchers and business stakeholders.

After registration we will contact you with a custom solution according your needs to maximize the results.

For business stakeholders

By meeting with researchers of your area of interest you will:

  • Be ahead of your competition to get familiar with state-of-the-art research results and boost your innovation power
  • Start a dialogue with researchers at an early phase and learn about cutting edge scientific research results
  • Share your research needs, find solutions for challenges and provide feedback from an exploitation point of view
  • Generate innovation projects for your organization capitalizing the financial support opportunities of EC by participating in research consortia.


Business specialists of our FET Briefing team have a solid understanding of the research landscape thus ensuring an effective matchmaking between business and science. During the process we assess your specific needs, handpick relevant FET research projects and organize online meetings in order to ignite a dialogue between parties.

How it works:

  • Date: bilateral meetings are organized individually to suit both party's schedule
  • Location: Online


All BRIEFING services are free of charge to FET/EIC Pathfinder projects and their business partners.

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