Matchmaking for FET/EIC Pathfinder researchers and industry players, 23 September 2019 in Künzelsau, Germany

Are you looking for contacts of industry players to pave the way toward technology transfer? Join the exclusive matchmaking for FET researchers and industry players on the 23rd September 2019 in Künzelsau, Germany and get in touch with key industry players. Organized in the framework of the technology congress High Tech Summit, the matchmaking will offer you the opportunity to present your research results, meet industry players and grow your network. Travel, accommodation and subsistence costs can be reported as project cost for running FET projects.

Don’t know how to highlight the value of your research for business stakeholders? Have doubts about the communication of your work? We will support you in making your presentation as effective as possible! FET projects selected for the matchmaking will receive communication training before the event from FET Briefing experts.

Join the whole conference for free and get access to an exclusive matchmaking with industry players.

The event in a nutshell:

When: 23rd September 2019, 16.35–17.30
Where: Künselsau, Germany


16.45: Introduction of FET Briefing project and its services (Innomine, 5 min)

16.50: Researchers’ block:

  • 16.50: DMS, Daniele Trucchi
  • 17.00: QPark, Ricardo Vitorino
  • 17.10: EDRA, Dimitris Theodoropoulos 

17.20: Industry block

  • 17.20: SecFense, Antoni Sikora
  • 17.25: Badencampus, Markus Köster
  • 17.30: MVV Energie, Robert Thomann
  • 17.35: Kärcher New Venture, Gabriele Straßburger

17.40: Reflections, conclusion

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Are you looking for specific industry to push your research to the next level? Let us know your need in terms of industry and sectors and we will look for the right match for you.

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About the High Tech Summit: The technology congress is the yearly meeting of the tech industry of the south-west of Germany. Four technology forums will provide an overview of new technologies as drivers of digital transformation. Industry and technology topics such as AI, Blockchain, Cyber Security, Management of complex organizational forms, IoT or Ambidextrie are on the agenda.

In four transfer sessions, selected lighthouse projects that make use of various technologies such as IoT, Cloud, Blockchain or AI and that shape the process of digital transformation will be presented. Over 1000 participants and the most innovative companies of the South-West of Germany make the High Tech Summit a great platform for technology transfer and networking.

The conference is both in German and in English. Following sessions will be offered in English:

  • Keynote: 5G Challenges and opportunities, Cayetano Carbano Martin, Telefonica Deutschland 
  • Forum 1: Cybersecurity – How AI-Powered Industrial Security boosts Digitalization, Yair Attair, OTORIO (12:20)
  • Forum 3: IoT + KI – KI & Blockchain, Alex Fred Ojala, UC Berkley (11:40) 
  • Forum 4: 5G – Digital Campus Infrastracture (14:15)
  • Forum 5: Companies in transition – SMEs meets secure IoT, Mirko Schnitzle and Stephanie Leenen, Bass (15:55)


16.45: Introduction of FET Briefing project and its services (Innomine, 5 min)

16.50: Researchers’ block:

  • 50: QPark (5 min presentation + questions )
  • 00: DMS (5 min presentation + questions)
  • 10: EDRA (5 min presentation + questions)

17.20: Industry block

  • 20: SecFense
  • 25: Badencampus
  • 30: MVV Energie
  • 35: Kärcher New Venture

17.40: Reflections, conclusion

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