Exploitation stories: the FET path to innovation

Are you looking for a way to better exploit the results of your FET/EIC Pathfinder project? Do you want to get in touch with other fellow FET projects and hear from them, how did they manage their exploitation process, making the leap from lab to market?

Then join the FET BRIEFING event:

  1. In the first part of the online event you will be introduced to a range of free training tailored to the need of FET FET/EIC Pathfinder projects. You will get a glimpse of the FET Marketplace, a platform to get in touch to fellow researchers and establish promising contacts with corporate and business stakeholders.
  2. During the second part, we will show different practices and demonstrate the procedure of turning FET/EIC Pathfinder project results into a business result or cooperation, based on the examples of successful FET/EIC Pathfinder projects which are already on the way towards the realization of their research results into working everyday solutions.
The event is free of charge. 




The FET path to innovation: an overview of free support services for FET/EIC Pathfinder projects offered by FET BRIEFING


Exploitation Stories


Ricardo Vitorino will share some insights on their application developed within the QPARK FET ILP project. QPARK aims at up-scaling the current Smart Parking solution, enriching it with a new service. Ubiwhere intends to enrich its Smart Parking platform with urban planning capabilities, unlocking a new business opportunity and consequently standing out from its competitors.




Igor Balaz talks about the project EVO-NANO, which aims to create an integrated cross-disciplinary platform for the artificial evolution and assessment of nanoparticle-based drug delivery systems.

The ultimate objective is to position IP from EVO-NANO for market uptake through the completion of exhaustive commercial due diligence which will create the market strategy from gathered market research.




Dimitris Theodoropoulos will introduce EDRA, a FET Launchpad project, targeting the high-performance computing (HPC). Access to HPC resources at minimal investment risk is key to economic growth and business expansion, especially for SMEs wishing to experiment with new services and products.




Exploitation: “Ask me anything” round

Open Q&A session to clarify what is exploitation all about


Introducing the Briefing Marketplace


Wrap up and Closing