Our study has been published!

Within the BRIEFING project a specific study addressed to acquire a better knowledge of the “nature” and the characteristics of FET projects has been done in 2019. In particular a specific focus on FET Innovation Launchpad Projects (FET ILP) has helped to gain an understanding of the relationship between high-risk research and its impact on industrial leadership and the societal challenges.

The main research objective of the research has been:

– understanding FET ILP needs (being able to design useful services from these);

– understanding possible areas of improvement in future FET ILP calls for proposals.

The user centered design (UCD) approach has been adopted. UCD is a multidisciplinary design approach based on the active involvement of users:

it suggests first of all talking with the protagonists of technological development (the researchers) to understand their needs and those of research in order to propose a range of services that supports their needs.

The 52 FET Innovation Launchpad projects (FET ILP) funded in the first three calls for proposals of the Horizon 2020 programme were investigated and involved directly in the research.

The research identified some recommendations to induce institutions that want to support FET researchers and meet their needs, in terms of contents for services and format, to provide this help aimed specifically at the real needs of FET researchers.

Research Meets Industry, Energy and Environment - March 4 - Booklet

Research Meets Industry, Energy and Environment, New Materials - April 21 - Booklet