BRIEFING – “Bridging the FET Innovation Gap“ facilitates the translation of European research excellence into tangible innovation potential. The project leverages different ways of exploiting FET research by supporting researchers in their innovation exploration and fosters the connection between the worlds of researchers and different business stakeholder groups. Our services are based on a flexible system of support tools and services that allow for a tailor-made approach to the diverse needs of the different stakeholder groups.

On this page you can find the public deliverables accomplished so far of the project.

Work Package 2: Innovation Opportunity Discovery

The objective of this WP is to generate a framework for guiding and supporting researchers in developing a better understanding for the commercialization potential of their technology. This objective calls for a framework development that allows creating awareness concerning the degree of commercialization of a specific technology.

Within the BRIEFING project a specific study addressed to acquire a better knowledge of the “nature” and the characteristics of FET projects has been conducted in 2019. In particular a specific focus on FET Innovation Launchpad Projects (FET ILP) has helped to gain an understanding of the relationship between high-risk research and its impact on industrial leadership and the societal challenges.

D2.4: Study on FET Innovation Launchpad projects


Work Package 3: Research Communication and Business Training

The overall goal of this work package is to prepare FET researchers to license their technology to a third party as well as to provide business training to the entrepreneurially driven personalities within FET consortia. Within this framework the following objectives will be achieved: – Training researchers in talking and understanding the language of the business world – Supporting researchers to prepare presentations that highlight the business value of their technology – Stimulate awareness amongst FET researchers for business related careers – Supporting entrepreneurial minds in FET research projects in further developing a business idea into a validated business plan.

3.1: Online Communication Training Concept

Research communication training concept (M1): an outline of how the research communication training will be conducted.

3.2: Business Training Concept

An outline of the business relevant topics that will be covered in all online trainings during the project life cycle.

3.3: Sector Specific Mentoring Concept

An outline of all sectors and topics on which sector specific mentoring can be provided to FET researchers.

Work Package 4: Technology and Business Matching

The main goal of this work package is to provide visibility and connect FET researchers with the industry. This will be achieved by creating the BRIEFING digital marketplace and by organizing online and onsite events to present FET research to private sector stakeholders. These activities will be supported by the dissemination and external communication activities with the objective to present FET research results towards startups, investors and other stakeholder groups and to create a lively BRIEFING innovation ecosystem.

4.1: Description of the BRIEFING Online Marketplace