Research Meets Industry – Focus on Materials and Technologies for Energy and Environment – 21 April

The mission of FET BRIEFING is to bridge the FET innovation gap by bringing  business, stakeholders and researchers together to explore the innovation potential of their research.

Our online “Research Meets Industry” event on 21 April 2021 will introduce exciting Future and Emerging Technology/EIC Pathfinder projects funded by the European Commission.

The event is an advantageous occasion for innovative businesses to find scientific support and build a relationships to launch their next idea. It offers an exclusive opportunity for both business and the science community to meet and start up conversations in order to boost their innovation potential.

Newspiece about the event on the EIC Community page can be found here.

Date, time and location

Content and program

Focus on Material and Technologies for Energy and Environment

  • Welcome and Introduction: The importance of early matchmaking in research projects 
  • Meet the new EIC Programme Managers and discover more about the EIC Workprogramme
    • Speakers: Dr. Francesco Matteucci and Dr. Antonio Marco Pantaleo
  • Presentations of FET/EIC Pathfinders projects

ARTIBLED – Engineered Artificial proteins for Biological Light-Emitting Diodes
Presenter: Rubén D. Costa
PHEMTRONICS – Active Optical Phase-Change Plasmonic Transdimensional Systems Enabling Femtojoule and Femtosecond Extreme Broadband Adaptive Reconfigurable Devices
Presenter: Dr Maria Losurdo
RADICAL – Fundamental Breakthrough in Detection of Atmospheric Free Radicals
Presenter: Professor Justin Holmes
PEGASUS – Plasma Enabled and Graphene Allowed Synthesis of Unique nano Structures
Presenter: Dr. Elena Tatarova, Dr. Bruno Gonçalves
PETER – Plasmon Enhanced Terahertz Electron Paramagnetic Resonance
Presenter: Sr. Božena Čechalová
HyPhOE – Hybrid Electronics Based on Photosynthetic Organisms
Presenter: Prof. Gianluca M. Farinola
LIGHT-CAP –  Multi-electron processes for light driven electrodes and electrolytes in conversion and storage of solar energy
Presenter: Dr. Ilka Kriegel 
MAGENTA – This project proposes an energy material developed in the project, namely, thermoelectric ferrofluids, magnetic nanoparticles suspended in ionic liquids.
Presenter:  Dr. Emmanuelle Dubois
EPISTORE – The project’s objective is to propose a novel paradigm technology for energy storage enhanced by breakthrough nanoscale concepts. Presenter: Dr. Nerea Alayo

  • Q&A and open discussion with the industry partners

For researchers


  • Online project/research presentations give you an idea how fellow researchers do pitches
  • Observe market validation and feedback on exploitation directions from business representatives
  • Get in touch with the EIC Programme Manager and discover how they can support you
  • Network with fellow project representatives


For business stakeholders

By meeting with researchers of your area of interest you will get the latest and state of the art scientific research results, get in contact with researchers, build network for future collaboration and boost your innovation power.


  • Be the first from your industry to see forward-looking research results
  • Start dialogue with researchers at an early phase
  • Share your research needs
  • Provide feedback from an exploitation point of view
  • Generate innovation projects for your organization 

Who can attend?

  • All members of FET/EIC Pathfinder projects as presenters.
  • Industry representatives, Venture Capitalist and investors.
  • Anyone interested in the topics above as audience.


Upon your application, our colleague will contact you with further details, such as the description of the projects and businesses, link to on-line meetings, etc.
Participation at the event and services provided are free of charge for FET Research projects and business stakeholders as well. The event is organized by the FET BRIEFING project and funded by the European Commission. No further costs are implied by the organizers related to this event.
For any questions, please contact

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